Stevens Model 62 Rifle?


The value of a Stevens 22 rifle model 62 is $100 for a brand new gun. Make sure it is legal to own firearms in your area before making a purchase.
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In used, very good condition, the value would be about $75-125.
A Savage Arms Stevens Model 62 .22 can be purchased from
Answer The Stevens Model 22/410 was made from 1939 to about 1950, when the gun became the Savage Model 24. In poor shape, it's worth maybe $125, in average shape between $200 and
Value depends on condition - less than $100 if fair
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The Stevens 22 rifles cost around $400 dollars. He was a rare make produced during WWII and peek at around 100,000 unites. It had a special stamp that read 'U.S. ...
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