Sticker Collecting?


To start a sticker collection, you have how you are going to store them for example a book. If you have never collected any start collecting and sticking them in your book and leave some space at the end of the book. Collecting stickers is very interesting and adventurous.
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1. Buy a page of stickers (if you don't have one) You can easily buy stickers from popular toy store such as Toys R Us. Ad. 2. Once you have a page of stickers, do not take the stickers
1. Place the collectible on a flat clean surface. 2. Turn your hair dryer on low heat and hold it over the sticker for 30 seconds at a time, to melt the glue on the sticker. 3. Gently
About 69.65 million.
Mae Li Kwan has a collection of 62,382 stickers, confirmed on Guinness World
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