What is that sticky stuff you use to hang papers on a wall?


Sticky stuff that you can use to hang posters can be adhesive tape. It can be double adhesive or a simple Scotch tape. You can also use BluTak to hang your posters.
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I could not find a brand name for the sticky stuff you
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I generally prefer that students hang posters and pictures in their room with Adhesive Putty. Scott Tape has in the past when removed from our walls, taken the paint with it and I
Answer 1. It's called Blu-Tack. They have a. Answer 2. Sticky tac(k) is right, I've also heard it called ticky tack. You can find it in the office department of major stores like
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You can use thumbtacks, blue sticky putty, or adhesive strips to hang up posters. It is a good idea to clean the area that you want to put the poster if you are ...
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