Stilbene Dibromide?


The MW of Stilbene Dibromide is approximately 340 grams. The MW stands for the molecular weight. Stilbene is considered to be a fluffy type of powder.
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Stilbene dibromide - Molecular Weight is 340.05; CAS # 13440-24-9 Linear
340.036 g/mol.
Meso isomers have an internal mirror plane that splits the molecule in half. Each half is superimposable on the other half.
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Meso-stilbene dibromide is an organic molecule. Its structure is a benzene ring bonded to a carbon with a hydrogen and a bromine. That carbon is bonded to another ...
Meso-Stilbene dibromide is an organic compound. The structure of MSD is like the benzene ring bounded to the carbon and bromine and hydrogen atoms. In this structure ...
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