Stiletto Girls?


Stiletto girls is a website dedicated to females wearing high heels. While most of the photos are of women's feet in stilettos some of them do show women in as little as the bra and panties. The site features women of all ages, sizes, and ethnicity, and use real everyday women not models. The site offers several photo galleries and videos for people who enjoy shoe fetishes. It is a pay site requiring a credit card to get full access to the website.
Q&A Related to "Stiletto Girls?"
a girl with this stiletto would be hot…
To dress up Rachel in stiletto chick in the game "Style
I think the brand you are referring to is Capelta. Half of their collection seems to be women's boots with stilleto heels. Source(s):
they're too risky to perform gymnastics uopn that' s why I say. Try them once and see how your feet bloody pain.
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