How do you fix a stinky sink drain?


The first step in how to fix a stinky kitchen sink drain is to clear anything that is under the sink and place a towel there. The next step is to remove the sink trap with a wrench. If there is something that is stuck there, it should come loose. You should also remember to scrub the trap with the use of hot and soapy water. After replacing the trap, try the sink out by letting the water run.
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1. Remove everything from under the sink. 2. Lay an old towel under the sink trap. The trap is the pipe that is shaped like the letter "S. 3. Remove trap with the pipe wrench
1. Loosen the lock nuts located under the sink where the strainer connects to the base of the sink and the drainpipe connects to the strainer. 2. Push up on the sink strainer to break
1. Locate the straight drain pipe under the sink that connects the drain stub to the p-trap. The p-trap is the curved pipe. 2. Loosen the large nuts on either side of the straight
1. Place the small end of the plastic funnel inside the overflow drain hole. This will prevent scratches on the sink from feeding and turning the auger. Push it in firmly so it stays
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