Stokers Moist Snuff?


Stokers Moist Snuff can be bought at many tobacco stores. This type of snuff can also be purchased through wholesale tobacco dealers. The stuff comes in a variety of flavors including mint and wintergreen.
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You can call Stoker directly, 800-243-9377, to purchase Stoker's moist snuff.
1. Choose high-quality tobacco leaves for your snuff, as snuff tobacco enters your body directly and isn't burned first. High-quality leaves, like young Virginia tobacco leaves, produce
1. Are you a beginner or a regular dipper. ? Beginners want to start with a low nicotine, fruity flavored dip. Pouches are best until you've mastered putting it in and taking it out
No way man Stoker's is the best snuff.
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Since this smokeless tobacco is moist it will pack very easy. Take your can and hold it in your hand just as you would pick up an glass. Hold your can firmly as ...
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