Stomach Virus Cause Excessive Burping?


While it is not always a symptom of a stomach virus, many people experience excessive burping while sick. It can sometimes happen because of an infection, or simply from indigestion. It can also be a sign of food allergies or sensitivities, such being lactose intolerance or celiac disease. Sometimes over eating will cause excessive burping as well, or eating foods that produce too much gas. If it is due to a stomach virus, treat the virus with drinking lots of clear fluids and eating foods like crackers or rice.
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Most people wish there was a sure way to end the burping when they are on a spell. But there are others who burp excessively. Some of the causes known to cause excessive burping is
Excessive burping can be caused by swallowed air, foods and beverag...
Not Medical Advice: Burps mix with foods that you've eaten and digested which results in a smelly odor. Fart contains hydrogen sulfide, which causes the ..More?
Acid Reflux.
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There are a number of causes of excessive burping, also known as belching. One cause of belching is a distended stomach, which is caused by swallowed air, when ...
The cause of excessive burping is often something as simple as swallowing air or drinking beer. Excessive burping is often associated with excessive acid in the ...
The top causative factors of excessive burping include eating a lot of food or being allergic to a certain type of food. Burping is also a common phenomenon especially ...
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