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A garden is often a place to relax and enjoy nature, once the work is done planting and cultivating the flowers or vegetables. A stone garden bench is a good accent piece to place in the garden, as well as a nice place to sit and enjoy your work. There are many different styles, including curved benches, some that can be put in a circle around a small pond, or even have a tree planted in the center of the bench.
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Stone Review
Stone flooring can be beautiful, durable and add to the value of your home. Installation is a job for professionals, however,... Read More »
Est. Price: $15
Classic look
, Adds to home's resale value
, With sealant, it's moisture resistant
Cold and slippery underfoot
, Expensive
, Difficult to install
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1. Create an outline where your bench will be and dig into the earth about one or two inches deep. Remove any weeds, rocks or plants from the area. 2. Place the sand in the trench
1 Establish a price you are willing to pay for your bench. Benches come in all price ranges from under $100 to more than $10,000. To set a price, consider how much you plan to use
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Stone Garden Benches are becoming more and more popular for outside designs. Especially for people that enjoy rustic views, scenery, and enjoy the look or want ...
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Building a stone bench on your property can add beauty, comfort and lasting value to your outdoor space. Because of the weight of the stones and the time required ...
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