How to Get Birds to Stop Flying into Your Windows?


To get birds to stop flying in your window, put a bird feeder on a tree away from the house. Add bird seed as it gets low. Move the feeder a few feet away to a new tree every week until the birds are no longer in sight of your house.
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1. Move your bird feeder away from your window or closer to your window. The Oregon State University Extension Service recommends that bird feeders be placed either 20 feet or more
A bird's environment would not, in nature, contain clear hard surfaces. Therefore they are not equipped to expect such circumstances.
Have it's wings clipped. They can break their necks flying into things.
1 Pull the window blinds down or close the curtains. White blinds, in particular, make it difficult for birds to see their reflections. Ad
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Birds fly into windows because they cannot see the glass because it is clear. Some birds actually see their reflection of themselves and fly into the window to ...
One way to prevent birds from flying into windows is to reduce the reflection in the window. Sometimes birds may see a reflection of clouds or the sky and think ...
If you have large windows, you may have experienced the horror of seeing more than one bird accidentally end its life crashing into what it thought was clear flying ...
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