How can I stop burning engine oil?


Car engines burn oil when it is leaked onto the engine or the exhaust manifold. Fixing all the leaks is crucial to preventing oil loss and burn-off. Regular service and maintenance of the car is the first step to getting oil leaks under control.

Oil can leak from a variety of places on a car engine, as a result of various causes. As stated by the Exxon Mobil Corporation, problems resulting in oil leak include common issues like bad valve seals or worn piston rings. It can also be symptomatic of more serious problems, such as a cracked engine block, failing pistons or a faulty oil pump. Many times, it is only due to connections that are slightly loose. Proper diagnosis and repairs can be made when your vehicle gets its regular oil change and tune-up.

In addition to regular checkups and vigilance, the oil level should be checked on a regular basis and refilled with oil when necessary. Improper fuel oil volumes can lead to changes in oil pressure, which in turn may exacerbate leaks. The car should also be filled with the highest viscosity of oil it's rated for. The more viscous (or thick) the oil is, the less it tends to leak.

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1. Perform regular maintenance on your vehicle. Preventing oil engine burn is the best way to stop it. Your car must have an oil and filter change every 3,000 miles and an air filter
Worn out piston rings [or the cylinders themselves] and valve seating are the typical culprits. You can use a heavier weight oil, 20W50 for instance, to try and slow the amount of
It is normal for a small amount of oil to be consumed over time.
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