How to Stop Burning Engine Oil?


To stop an engine from burning oil, make sure regular maintenance is done on a vehicle. Make sure there is no leaks in the oil pan. Also, make sure the transgressor is working properly.
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1. Perform regular maintenance on your vehicle. Preventing oil engine burn is the best way to stop it. Your car must have an oil and filter change every 3,000 miles and an air filter
Worn out piston rings [or the cylinders themselves] and valve seating are the typical culprits. You can use a heavier weight oil, 20W50 for instance, to try and slow the amount of
Found this at a smog check center: In my experience, it was engine oil caused by a defective head gasket. The oil was leaking out and burning off from the heat of the engine. The
Engines need oil in order to keep the mechanical parts they're made of lubricated and
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