Storage Unit Auctions?


Since the introduction of the show on A&E called Storage Wars, people have been trying to make money at storage unit auctions. An auction occurs when someone who rents a storage unit defaults on their payments. If that happens, he or she will lose the contents of their storage unit if they are unable to catch up on their payments. Then the owner will auction off the contents to make up the money. It is a way for people to possibly find hidden treasures.
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How Does a Storage Unit Auction Work?
Storage unit auctions allow the public to bid on the contents of a storage unit that was rented by someone. If the renter stops paying the monthly fee on the storage unit, the rental company must go through a series of actions in order to secure the... More »
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1. DETERMINE WHAT KIND OF AUCTION IT IS. In order to know exactly what you are getting into, it's important to know what kind of auction you are attending. Is it a garage sale type
Storage Units are rented to people who require extra space to store their items. There are many instances where people stop paying their storage fees. Rental Companies will try to
Try the links below. They have lists for every state in the country.
Heated Storage unit auction at the Crossings Wed, March 10th, 1:30
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When a person stops or can no longer pay their storage unit costs, the contents of the storage unit are put up for auction. People who go to storage unit auctions ...
To be successful with storage unit auctions, the unit's front should be moved to get a clear view. Estimate the market value of particular items, which is probably ...
There are a few tips to use when attending storage unit auctions in Nashville, TN. Firstly, be prepared to spend money - having at least $2,000 is appropriate ...
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