Storm the House 3 Cheats?


Some cheats for Storm the House 3 include typing these words at the Cheats option in the main menu. If you need more tower slots, type 'octopussy', for shorter days, type in the 'living daylights' and for unlimited life, type in 'healing the base'. For God mode, the cheat to type in is 'die another day' while for all weapons, it is 'the world is not enough' and for unlimited money, it is 'diamonds are forever'.
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Storm the House 3 Cheats: Moonraker- people moonwalk. Live and Let Die- full wall. The World Is Not Enough- all weapons. Die Another Day- god mode. The Living Daylights - Shorter
I can't find any cheats for Storm the House 3!
goldfinger - Fisty McBeefpunch. moonraker - Enemies Moonwalk. octopussy - More Tower Slots. die another day - Godmode. from russia with love - Unlimited Ammo. diamonds are forever
1. Activate cheats. Pause the game and press all the back buttons (LT, RT, etc. Ad. 2. Build the outline. You must have a plain plot, and cheats are active so you have lots of money
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