Story and Clark Piano Value?


When purchasing a piano it is important to know that the price that is being asked is a fair one. The Story and Clark company began making pianos in 1884 and are considered some of the best pianos made. The value of a Story and Clark piano depends on the size, style, whether upright or grand, and condition are what determine the value, as well as the overall tone. The finish of the wood is also a key part of determining the value.
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QRS was founded in 1900 when player pianos were more popular than today. Player pianos, which play without a performer, had their golden age for about the first 30 years of the 1900s
We need more info here. Is it and upright 50"Studio 48" console/spinet 42" The console/spinet category is important as the action style will make a difference.
100000000000000000000000000000000 dollars your rich :D
Hi, Thank you for using allexperts. In our current economic and musical climate, we estimate the value of your piano to be at around $1,300. Sincerely, Lindeblad Piano. Please follow
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