What is Stove Top stuffing?


Stove Top Stuffing is a side dish meant to resemble the stuffing that goes in a chicken or turkey. Made by Kraft, Stove Top comes either in a box or in a cylinder container.

There are eight flavors of Stove Top Stuffing. As the name suggests, this side dish gets prepared in a pot on a stove instead if being inserted into poultry. The dried bread gets mixed with water and the spice mix included in the box.

Kraft also advertises recipes that allow people to use the stuffing as a base for main dishes, appetizers and brunch entrées. According to the Stove Top website, each flavor of stuffing has a little over 100 calories for a half-cup serving prepared according to box directions.

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1. Choose the type of Stove Top stuffing that would work well with your meal. There are several different flavors of Stove Top to choose from, including low-sodium varieties. Choose
Stove Top stuffing mix is a prepackaged mix of stuffing that one cooks on the stove with water and a fat, typically butter. It was introduced by General Foods, and is currently manufactured
Stove Top Stuffing brand is part of Kraft Foods,
I always make it from scratch, but if I had to choose, I would choose the chicken flavor. But, if I were buying a stuffing mix, I would choose Pepperidge Farm.
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How to Make Stove Top Stuffing
Stove Top stuffing is a boxed convenience food that is made by Kraft Foods Inc. The General Foods Co. introduced Stove Top to the public in 1972. General Foods would go on later to join with Kraft Foods to become Kraft General Foods in 1989. Stove Top... More »
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