How do you get Straight Talk ringtones?


Straight talk has many ringtones to download. You can visit the Straight Talk website and enter in your telephone number and select ringtones. They are not free but they are very low cost.
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1 Give yourself Audacity for Windows and the LAME MP3 encoder. Ad 2 Open your legal MP3 with Audacity 3 Trim it down to the section you want as the ringtone, you can accomplish this
The best one I've found so far is PhoneZoo.
You can try for free ringtones for your straight
1. Setting your security code is the easy part. The problem is, most people forget their Straight Talk phone security code. Enter the code you remember setting. If this doesn't work
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Straight Talk Review
Bottom line Straight Talk is owned by TracFone, which uses all four of the national carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and... Read More »
Est. Price: $30
Unlimited talk, text and data
, Good phone selection
Just two prepaid plans
, Customer service not well liked
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