How to Straw Set Hair?


To straw set your hair follow these steps: 1. First of all, you need to wash your hair. Use a gentle shampoo and a hard working conditioner. You want to keep as much moisture in your head as possible during the wash. 2. When you are done, lightly work some moisturizer into your hair. You can literally use the same type of lotion you use on your hands. Just make sure there is no alcohol in the lotion. 3. Then you need to spray setting lotion in your hair. You'll find this at any beauty supply store. The more setting lotion you use, the tighter your curls will be. 4. Then gently work your hair into sections. Once you have your small sections, roll each section up around a large sized drinking straw. You can cut these straws into thirds or fourths so that they will be easier to roll. Then you need to pin them into place. 5. Allow your hair to dry with the straws in. 6. When you unroll your hair, lightly spray your entire head with hairspray. When you sleep at night you can preserve your style by wrapping it in a cloth.
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1. Towel dry hair and part into four sections, using the tail end of the comb. Use the butterfly clips to hold down the three parts not immediately being worked on. Open the package
A real blonde but not that odd looking fake blonde hair colour like this: You want a colour like this:
to go to sleep place a loose fitting satin cap over the curls. they usually last very long. be sure not to comb through or pull at at the curls. spray holding spray only when necessary
As to why...when you blow dry your hair you are forcing the shafts to lie flat. If you have dry hair, when it dries naturally the shafts won't lie down without the help of some sort
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