Strawberry Picking In Ohio?


Strawberries, along with apples and pumpkins, are some of the most common pick-your-own fruits. Due to the weather and climates of each state, the picking dates are going to vary. In Ohio, the strawberries begin to ripen in the southernmost part of the state in late April and by late May, they have begun to ripen in the north. Complete lists of strawberry farms in Ohio can be found online along with information on harvesting schedules for other fruits and vegetables.
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Arrive at your strawberry patch early in the day so strawberries are not overly warm when picked. Wear suncreen and/or hat (depending on the weather and how long you plan to pick)
1 Get buckets to pick the strawberries into. Since strawberries stain, it shouldn't be a good bucket, just an old ice cream bucket will do. Ad 2 Go into your strawberry patch. 3 Pick
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A person can pick strawberries by either growing them in their yard or by visiting a local strawberry farm. When visiting a farm, picked strawberries are sold ...
To pick strawberries, find fruit that are around 3/4 red, firm, and have no visible bad spots. Grasp the stem with your thumb and forefinger and pinch it off, ...
1. Locate the nearest strawberry field near you. Farms can be close together, but they are only located in certain parts of the country. Most people select the ...
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