How Much Does METH Cost?


Meth, short form of Methamphetamine is a very strong drug that acts as a stimulant for the central nervous system. The cost of Meth on the street varies according to the purity of the drug, the region in which it is sold, the source of the drug and availability of the drug. It costs about $25 per 1/4 gram; $ 100 per gram; and $1700 per ounce. The drug works directly on the brain and spinal cord by interfering with normal neurotransmission.
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The cost of meth is your life or your freedom! If you get caught selling meth or even with it on your person you will go to jail. If it is found in your system you could loose your
The average street cost nation wide is: $25 per 1/4 gram $ 100 per
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A pound of meth did cost $3,500 in the year 2007 in parts of California. Of course, the price will vary from location. Now it could be worth more on the streets. ...
The cost of meth can vary depending on who you buy it from and where. The cost can range anywhere from $25 to $80 a hit. The cost is even higher as far as destroying ...
Manufacturing methamphetamines and other street drugs is illegal. Additionally, production of meth is highly dangerous and poses a risk for explosion and inhalation ...
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