Strength and Courage Symbols?


Examples of strength and courage symbols include: the lion, which represents strength; the eagle and the star are symbols of courage. The horse will represent victory over enemies and the wolf depicts courage and stamina. The Celtic shield is a natural symbol which shows protection against the attack of the enemy.
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A lion.
1. fortitude 2. nerveless 3. virtue 4. hercules 5. nerve 6.
awesomeness.jk. a flower. a flower that can survive the cold hard winter with strength. and it has enough courage to go on when it is hard to survive. you get what i mean right?
There is a number of things like animals or flowers that symbolize strength. It depends on the person. A bear or an eagle seem kind of strong.
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The oak tree symbolizes strength and courage. Socrates regarded the oak tree as an oracle tree. The Druids believed that the leaves of the oak tree had healing ...
Elephants symbolize noble things such as wisdom, courage, stature and strength. Elephant tusks in particular are known to symbolize great strength. ...
Japanese rising sun tattoo is a tattoo that has the symbol of The Land of Rising Sun flag. The symbol represents rebirth, courage and strength. Japan is also referred ...
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