Strengths and Weaknesses of a Person?


A person's strengths are special abilities or assets of special worth while weaknesses are their shortcomings. Physical flexibility or good communication skills are examples of a person's strengths. Weaknesses could take the form of laziness and impatience, among others.
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When a potential employer asks you "what are your weakenesses", they are often looking for an answer that is merely a strong habit of yours that effects your performance
1. Talk about at least two strengths that directly relate to the job you're pursuing. For example, if you're looking for a sales position, you could list talking to people and customers
Your strengths are things you do very well in life and are good at. Your weaknesses are things you don't do so well at and things you need to continue to work on.
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Personal strengths and weakness are varied and many. As perception plays into what is considered a strength and a weakness, it becomes even harder to define. However ...
Personal strengths and weaknesses are traits or qualities that make up a person, and describe which qualities they feel best represent them as a person. Personal ...
Personal strengths are those aspects which are a person's defining traits. For example, if a person is a born leader, then one of their strengths would be leadership ...
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