How Do You Know When a Goldfish Are Stressed Out?


One way to know if your goldfish is stressed out is by observing its activity. If the fish loses it's appetite or begins gasping for air at the surface, it is most likely stressed out. If the fish develops spots on it's body it has ick which can be treated with a solution that is put in the tank.
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If you happen to have a container of Aquarium salt, there are directions on the side that provide you with exact salt measurements per tank size when using it for stress.
Over crowding for one thing. If the tank is on a stand on a floor of floorboards, the constant thumping will upset them. People tapping on the glass will upset them. Also, the turning
The personality of a goldfish varies from fish to fish;
How to tell if fish are stressed. 1. They hide when they see moving objects, include you and other animals. 2. They hide when the lights are turned on. 3. They will not eat their
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Goldfish hide when they are stressed out. There are many conditions that can stress out a goldfish, examples include; too much current in your goldfish aquarium, ...
Your goldfish not eating is a sign that the fish is sick. It could also be a sign of stress. Check that the fish does not have any parasites like ich on its skin ...
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