Stripped Lug Nuts?


The stripped lug nuts can be a problem for you. You may make the situation worse by trying to remove them. Allow an professional to do it for you which will be smooth and effective.
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1. Determine the cause. It may seem simple, but most "stripped" lug nuts aren't really stripped. The motorist is actually using the wrong tire iron. Some "locking lugs
Not aligning the threads up correctly and forcing the lug nut onto the wheel stud will strip the lug nut.
Take a socket that is a tiny bit smaller on the lug, and pound it on the lug nut but not to far, and then put a racket on it, or a racket with an extension to give you room and it
You can buy the special sockets sold exclusively for this type of situation. They
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Removing stripped lug nuts can be a daunting task. Rather than trying to use the metal iron, you need to use some professional assistance. This will spare the ...
To get off a stripped lug nut you may need to break it off by hitting the lug nut. There are specialty tools that you can locate at hardware stores that will remove ...
A lug nut is a fastener, or a nut, that secures a wheel on a vehicle. They are mostly found on trucks, automobiles and other big vehicles using rubber tires. The ...
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