Stromboli Vs Calzone?


Many of people consider a calzone and Stromboli to be the same, but there is a difference between the two. A Stromboli is served with the sauce inside the folded crust while a calzone has sauce on the top. A calzone can also have the sauce served on the side.
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Differentiating between a calzone and a stromboli is difficult, especially since both can be made from the same ingredients. Next time you order one, why not try asking for a pizza
Stromboli is made from a rectangular shaped piece if dough which is covered in sliced meats, cheeses and vegetables, and is then rolled into a log shape and baked. Marinara sauce
A Stromboli is like a loaf of bread that's hollowed out and filled with pizza toppings, where a Calzone is like a full pizza folded in half.
The Calzone's dough starts off like a triangle. The Stromboli
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There is a not a difference between calzone and stromboli. They are just two different names. They are both a pizza type of dish that is surrounded with bread. ...
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