Structures of a Human Cheek Cell?


The structures of a human cheek cell include such cells as squamous and epithelial cells. These are seen as flattened circular cells under a microscope. The main difference between the cell structure between an onion cell and a human cheek cell is the onion cell is rectangular and the human cheek cells are circular.
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The onion cell is a plant cell and the human cheek cell is an animal cell. The onion cell would have cell wall, vacuole, and granules of starch or oils. The animal cell would have
Nucleus In the middle of the cell is the nucleus, where the DNA is located. The DNA contains the genes (chromosomes). Ribosomes Within the cell, outside of the nucleus, are the ribosomes
Squamous epithelial cells determine the shape of the cheek
Lab method for extracting DNA from human cheek cells. Difficulty Level: easy Time Required: 15 minutes Here's How: Gather together sodium chloride, liquid soap, 2 glass beakers
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