Stuart Scott Glass Eye?


Stuart Scott got his glass eye is as a result of an injury. It is his right eye that has glass. He got injured while filming a story about ESPN during a training camp. This forced him to go through surgery.
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Sportscaster Stuart Scott was filming a story for ESPN during training camp in 2002 when his eye was injured. A football-passing machine was the culprit, which required him to receive
There have been many arguements about Scott's eye, some think it glass other
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Stuart Scott's eye was damaged during a football accident. He was practicing with a mechanical football thrower to work on his catching. A football hit him in ...
No, Stuart Scott does not have a fake eye. Stuart Scott had eye surgery in 2002 due to a serious injury. This resulted in a drooping eye, but the eye was not removed ...
Stuart Scott is an American sportcaster on the ESPNs sports centre who was born on July 19th in 1965, his eye was hit by a football while he was at the jugs machine ...
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