How to Undo a Stuck Knot?


Stuck knots are undone by establishing adequate slack in the rope around the knot to allow easy entry, make a thorough examination of the knot, fix a marlin point or a screwdriver into the loose part of the knot, and finally keep fixing the spike into the knot more often. Dog's knots can get stuck in a human being for about ten to forty minutes.
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1. Create as much slack as possible in the rope surrounding the knot. This will allow you maximum access to the knot. 2. Inspect the knot. Many knots appear completely tight, but
Can anybody help me figure this out please? thanks.
The reason that the dogs are stuck together during mating is because the male dog is making sure that the sperm have time to impregnate the female. You can find more information here
Only the first and last links have a true knot, tied by hand, to keep the meat mixture from. running. out. For all the intermediate links, tying a true knot would either waste a
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Dogs stick together as a means for a male dog to make sure its semen has the time to impregnate the female dog. A dog can lengthen the time that its sperm have ...
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