Stuck Thermostat?


A stuck thermostat will cause an engine to take a long time to get to normal operating temperatures. The thermostat that is open will often allow the coolant to circulate before the engine requires cooling. This means that the engine will not reach the right temperature to burn fuel efficiently. In most cases a stuck thermostat will simply need to be removed and replaced with a new thermostat to make the vehicle operate correctly. This is accomplished by removing the old thermostat when the vehicle is completely cool.
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The main function of your vehicle's thermostat is to control the flow of the coolant to the engine. When your vehicle's engine has reached its correct operating temperature, the thermostat
change it.change it.they are less then ten bucks, alot cheaper then a blown head gasket.
1. Check your temperature gauge in the car. A stuck thermostat might be to blame if your gauge marker nears the red danger zone within 5 to 15 minutes. 2. Turn off your car and allow's-Thermost...
Stuck thermostats are common.. if it is stuck closed it will overheat,(very Bad), if stuck open - (this is no way as big of a deal) you car will not heat up as fast when cold. bad
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One symptom of a thermostat being stuck open is a low engine temperature. If the heater is not working, it could also be a symptom. A reduction in fuel economy ...
change it....change it.....they are less then ten bucks, alot cheaper then a blown head ...
A stuck thermostatic radiator valve can often be fixed by a quick readjustment. If you are having further troubles, it may be necessary to bring in a professional ...
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