Styptic Pencils Made of?


Styptic pencils are used to stop bleeding in case a person cuts himself while shaving or nicks himself. Styptic pencils are made from one primary and active ingredient known as alumn. The properties of alumn help the skin to stop bleeding and also helping healing the wound quickly.
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The active and primary ingredient in styptic pencils is alum. Alum's astringent properties cause the skin to stop bleeding and help the wound to heal. Styptic pencils can be applied
Most brands/companies will use potassium alum which is a natural astringent (and what causes it to close nicks)
because there awesome.
A styptic pencil is used to stop bleeding when you cut yourself. For example:
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What Is A Styptic Pencil Made Of?
Shaving can often nick or cut facial skin, and styptic pencils help stop the bleeding quickly. Although safety razors have made shaving easier on skin and reduced the frequency of cuts, styptic pencils remain essential to any shaving kit.... More »
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