How to Replace a Subaru Clutch?


A clutch is used to connect and disconnect the power from the engine to the transmission. To replace a Subaru clutch you first jack the vehicle, drain the oil and disconnect the driveshaft, exhaust pipe and any wiring. Secondly, disconnect the axle, remove the transmission and shake it until it drops onto the jack. Then, remove the pressure plate clutch disc to remove the clutch alignment tool. Finally, replace the clutch disc and reinstall everything removed.
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1. Jack the vehicle and place on jack stands. 2. Drain the transmission gear oil so that it doesn't leak when you are removing the transmission. 3. Disconnect the driveshaft and exhaust
Hydraulic Clutches. If it has a hydraulic clutch, I believe they can not be adjusted. When the pedal travel is no longer acceptable the clutch disc must be replaced.
It really depends on the clutch weather it's stock or not & how it's adjusted. If it's adjusted properly it should have about 1/2" to 1" of play as you put your foot
No matter how new or how efficient your Subaru clutch might be, a
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Subaru is a make of a car. Subaru has been in business for many years and some of their cars have a clutch. The clutch in a car is used to change gears and this ...
1. Position yourself under the driver's side dash of the car so you have a view of the pedals. Locate the master cylinder push rod, directly above the gas pedal. ...
An approximate figure to replace a Subuaru clutch will range from $500 - $950. Price will depend on region as well as the mechanic. Subarus are very reliable ...
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