How do you remove a plywood subfloor?


To remove a plywood sub-floor, first remove all coverings from over it. Beginning at one corner of a centrally located piece of plywood, pry up the flooring. Once that one is up, use this point of entry to pry up and remove the rest.
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1. Determine the areas of subfloor that need to be replaced. In most cases, only part of the subfloor needs to be replaced, but you'll need to remove the linoleum, carpet or other
If you can remove the subfloor without damaging the hardwood then you can sand the splinters away since you'll have to sand the hardwood down in any case. If removing the subfloor
Mr. Campbell ---- Want to first make sure we are speaking of the same thing: By presboard do you mean something similar to "medium density fiberboard" which is composed
Awesome, appreciate the input. That will probably be the way I will go with, that or cut the plywood in half at the drain and than put some 2x4's from joist to joist for support,
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