What is sublimed sulfur?


Sublimed sulfur is sulfur that has been purified through sublimation. Sublimation is the phase change of a substance from solid to gas without transitioning through a liquid state.

Sulfur, also known as brimstone, is purified through sublimation to ensure it is free of other elements. Since sulfur is highly reactive with water, purifying it through sublimation is preferable to using methods like recrystallization, which would involve a liquid solvent.

Sublimed sulfur is found in a powdered solid form. It is characterized by a strong smell that is often compared to rotten eggs. Sulfur is also known by its bright yellow color.

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Sublimed sulfur is often called flowers of sulfur. This is cyclic ring, S. 8. allotrope. Note that the sublimation is not what is normally meant as a transition from solid to gas.
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It is an extremely pure form of sulfur, manufactured by heating sulfur and re-precipitating the vapors. Sulfur is used in various skin ointments for its anti-fungal properties.
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