Sublittoral Zone Organisms?


The sublittoral zone is an ecosystem deep under water. It can be found from below the low tide all the way to the continental shelf. There are a lot of organisms down there, like kelp fish, urchins, and sponges.
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In the field of marine biology and oceanography, the littoral zone, which crawls from the shoreline to the continental shelf, also encompasses the sublittoral zone. Littoral derives
( ¦səb′lid·ə·rəl ′zōn ) (oceanography) The benthic region extending from mean low water (2-3 fathoms or 40-60 meters, according
The area just above the high water mark that is
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The sublittoral zone is an area that lays near the seashore. It is the zone between the low tide mark and the edge of the continental shelf. It can also be used ...
The temperature of the sublittoral zone is around 4°C. It is sometimes also called the Neritic zone. It is a well oxygenated part of the ocean that is home ...
The sub littoral zone is a zone within the ocean. There are a wide variety of marine life that live in the sub littoral zone. These animals include those such ...
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