Substance Abuse Group Topics?


There are a number of substance abuse group topics that are discussed in multitude, during specific therapy sessions. Generally, these topics are discussed in detail and offered amongst discussion for participants. A few of these topics include relapse risk reduction, attitudes and substance abuse, patterns of use, the consequences of use, countering disastrous thinking, and the stages of recovery. These topics also include lifestyles that lead to abuse and relapse, in addition to minimization, denial, and blame.
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Things You'll Need. Meeting room. Chairs. Prescreening, Rules, and Structure. Prescreen all group members. Although many group facilitators pass over this step, it is by far the most
In the world today, we all have something we rely on. Unfortuanetly some peoples 'crutch' is substance abuse.
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This paper evaluates the ability of Ambulatory Care Groups (ACGs) to prospectively predict mental health and substance abuse expenditures and total health care expenditures of persons
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Topics for Substance Abuse Groups
Substance abuse affects over 3 million people in the United States and can lead to a myriad of problems. Consequences of substance abuse and addiction include problems in major life areas, such as work, family and school as well as health and mental... More »
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