Substitute for Ancho Chili Powder?


There are few known substitutes for Ancho chili powder. This powder is known as grounded and dried ancho chiles, which makes for a nice mild to moderately hot chili powder. When substituting, individuals have a choice between a mild New Mexico chili powder or a hotter Guajillo powder. Either way, they can both be added as an extra flavoring, the same as the Ancho powder, and seasoned to taste, in order to get it as close to the desired flavor as possible.
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Chili powder is a blend of spices. You can make your own or substitute the spices by using red pepper, garlic, oregano, cumin, paprika and garlic these are the most common. Some cooks
A good substitute for chili powder is a dash of hot pepper sauce and a little bit of oregano and cumin. Some mistakenly think that cayenne pepper and chili powder can be interchanged
Ancho chili powder is just dried ancho
If you can find Guajillo or Pasilla * as they have the same heat range and flavor. If not, purchase pure powder without addittives or preservatives for best flavor.
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Substitute for Ancho Chili Powder
Authentic Mexican food commonly uses ancho chili powder for distinctive flavor. A substitute could make or break your dinner. Jean Andrews, deemed The Pepper Lady because of her years of investigation and international expertise on peppers, suggests... More »
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