Substitute for Kaffir Lime Leaves?


Thai food recipes are very popular around the world. One ingredient you'll sometimes find in a Thai recipe is kaffir lime or kaffir lime leaves. Since that isn't available everywhere, you can substitute the leaves or zest or juice from a lime as needed.
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1. Throw the leaves, stems and all, into the broth. 2. Simmer Kaffir leaves with the rest of the broth's ingredients. 3. Remove and discard the leaves when you are ready to serve
1. Obtain kaffir lime leaves. If living in a suitable Mediterranean climate, you can grow your own kaffir lime tree. If not, leaves and limes can be obtained in fresh and a dried
Leaves from the kaffir lime tree, which grows in Thailand, may be bought from stores that have an ethnic food section or that specialize in Asian food.
Most Asian grocery stores will at least sell dried leaves or have a plant available to harvest. Also, if you know any older people from Southeast Asia, they will also keep a tree
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The best substitutes for curry leaves are bay leaves, basil and kaffir lime leaves, according to These seasonings give a somewhat similar taste to curry ...
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