Substitute for Wheat Bran?


There are a few substitutes for wheat bran. This is defined as the creation by which the outer part of a grain is removed. This type of wheat is also high in protein and considered to be a good source of insoluble fiber. Most commonly, an individual can choose to use oat bran, which is known to hold more moisture and have a more appealing flavor than that of the wheat bran. Another option would be to use wheat germ, which is closer in similarities to the wheat bran.
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1. Note the amount of wheat bran needed in the recipe. 2. Measure out the same amount of wheat germ as what is required by the recipe for wheat bran. 3. Add the wheat germ to the
Though not a flour, wheat bran, can be used in place
Health food store or with the oatmeal and other hot cereals at the grocery store.
1. Preheat the oven to 180degrees. Ad. 2. Pour the contents into cookie moulds and bake for 15mins at 180degrees. 3. To make them crisp, flip over and re-bake for 15mins. Ad.
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