What is a substitute for whole grain mustard?


There are few substitutes for whole grain mustard. Individuals can use Dijon mustard or choose to make their own recipe for the whole grain mustard. If an individual chooses to make this mustard themselves, first, they must soak their mustard seeds in vinegar for about 2 days. Then, they will use the necessary sweeteners, herbs, and spices in order to complete the mustard to their liking. Afterward, an individual can simply store the mustard away for future usage.
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What is whole grain mustard you ask! Well, whole grain mustard is mustard seeds that are unground or partially. ground. Thus creating "Whole Grain Mustard"
1. For two cups of finished mustard sauce, start by making half a recipe (1 1/2 cups) of basic white sauce. (For recipe, see related eHow. 2. Bring the white sauce to a simmer in
Whole-grain mustard, sometimes called grainy mustard or coarse mustard, is simply
Either one. Depends on the recipe. If the texture is important use the one that is most like the one called for. Dijon does have a sharp flavor so you may need to adjust for that.
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Substitutes for Whole Grain Mustard
If you are making a recipe that calls for whole grain mustard and you don't have any in the pantry, then you need to find a substitute in a pinch. Additionally, if someone you know is not fond of the mustard taste, then you might need to find a condiment... More »
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