Can you substitute fresh spinach for frozen spinach?


If your recipe calls for fresh spinach but you are out, often times you can substitute frozen spinach. To do this, plan on using 10 ounces of frozen, cooked spinach for every pound of fresh spinach. This should be fine for most recipes.
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Spinach Substitution. Approximately 10 ounces of frozen, cooked spinach will result in the same amount as one pound of fresh, trimmed and cooked spinach.
1. First realize that just because it's frozen, spinach can benefit more from a little thawing over heat rather than full-on cooking. Simply put in a pan over low heat and cover for
I think you're fine to use cooked. If anything, your spinach might be a bit over cooked, but whatever, it's a dip. Pat your thawed spinach dry though to keep from getting too much
About 12 ounces of fresh spinach is equal to a 10 oz of a
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One standard 10-ounce package of frozen spinach equates to approximately 1 1/2 pounds of fresh spinach. Spinach, frozen and fresh, is a healthy food option that ...
To cut fresh spinach one simply needs to cut off the stems and any part of the leaf which is brown or damaged. It is important to wash spinach well as it can contain ...
The health benefits of spinach range from being low to being incredibly nutrient dense. In fresh spinach there are elements that neutralize free radicals in the ...
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