How to Use a Tart Pan?


Tarts are a spectacular treat. They are often made with fruit but can also be made with custard. Tarts require a special tart pan. A substitute tart pan can be used in a pinch. Tarts are best baked in a tart pan but can be baked in a cake pan as well. Don't press the crust to the top of the pan. Simply press the crust half way up the sides of the pan and fill as normal.
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The tart pan is typically constructed so that inside each cup where a tart sits, the bottom can be popped out of it. After the tarts cool, you press up under each tart cup to pop
it is used to make tarts.
If you have an ovenproof flat pan, you can put a metal rack (like a cookie
A tart pan usually has fluted sides that form an open ring. A round, flat bottom piece sits inside to form the bottom of the pan. To remove the sides of the pan, you merely lift out
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