How Much Is a Party Sub at Subway?


The prices at each Subway store will likely vary slightly. But you can expect to pay about $40.00 for a three foot party sub. If you need a bigger one you can get a 6 foot sub for about $75.00, a 9 foot sub for about $115.00 and a 12 foot sub for about $155.00. Call your local Subway for exact prices.
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A party sub from Subway depends on the actual size and what you choose to have on it.
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It actually doesn't depend what you get on it but I know the price is around maybe 75$ canadian although dont quote me on it and there is the 3 foot party sub and 6 foot but they
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The cost of a Subway party sub will vary depending on what type of sub you are getting. For example, a 12 foot Subway Italian party sub will cost around $45.00. ...
The prices vary depending on what is on the sub. Contact Subway at ...
Ever since Jared lost weight from eating Subway sandwiches and became their spokesman, people realized that you can eat healthy at Subway. It also helps that they ...
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