Success Rate of Cochlear Implants?


The success rate of cochlear implants depends on different factors, which include the age of receiver, the technology used and the condition of the cochlea before the implant. The surgery involves a surgical procedure, where an electrical device is put in place of the cochlear. It assists people in the understanding of a verbal communication, after a stimulation in different areas of the cochlear.
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Many things determine the success of implantation. Some of them are: How long the patient has been deaf--as a group, patients who have been deaf for a short time do better than those
Almost all people that have received the cochlear implant achieve sound awareness and most people are able to understand some speech. About one-half of our adults who have learned
How do you define success with a cochlear implant? My understanding is that it is a very individual thing. For myself, I define success as being able to understand speech when lipreading
The cochlear implant failure rates vary between children and
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