Sudden outbreak of freckles! What is this?


It is natural for freckles to just pop up seemingly out of nowhere. Being out in the sun with make them more noticeable as well. However, if you seem to have a lot coming on suddenly then you might have to see a dermatologist just to have things checked out.
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this is something worth calling the dermatologist over! You should have been checked for lyme disease after you were bitten as well! Call your doctor and/or dermatologist please!
They appear on sun-exposed skin in people who have a genetic tendency to
It's a natural occurrence to see animal fur to develop new freckles/stripes over time. I know 3 years seems like a while for them to finally develop but I can only assume its in her
It seems everyone has an answer for you, but their answers are incomplete. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About FRECKLES! Q. What are freckles? The simple answer is they are an
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