Sugar in Gas Tank?


There are a few issues to consider when you discover that sugar is in your gas tank. First of all, there is the car itself. Sugar will likely block the fuel filter and stop the car from starting. The best thing to do is call a tow truck and have a mechanic clean the gas tank out for you. The cost runs between $100 and $200.

Now that you know your car will be fine, it's time to consider the culprit. Do you know the person who put sugar in your gas tank? If so, you might consider calling the police before they do something more dangerous such as cutting your breaks. Even if you don't know who did this to your car, it might be a good idea to talk with other neighbors to see if there have been any suspicious characters lurking around your car.
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Because sugar does not dissolve in gasoline it will stay intact. If there is only a little sugar changing the fuel filter a few times should take care of this as it will get stuck
1. Siphon all the fuel out of the tank using a vacuum pump or similar siphoning tool. Dispose of the fuel in a container, per local ordinance. 2. Remove the gas tank. Disconnect all
The effects of sugar in the gas tank are it will clog the fuel filter. Second, what gets
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Many people think that adding sugar to a gas tank will totally destroy the carâ€â&dbquo;¢ ...
Although sugar in a car's gas tank will not dissolve the gasoline and melt the entire tank itself, it is still not something you want in there. The first thing ...
Putting sugar, salt, or anything grainy in the gas tank can have adverse effects on a car. Gritty substances can clog the fuel filter and the fuel pump. The carburetor ...
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