Sugar Phosphate Backbone?


The sugar phosphate backbone is the DNA molecule's major structural component. It is composed of alternating ribose sugars and polar phosphate molecules. This means that it is hydrophillic.
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The backbone is constructed from alternating ribose sugar and phosphate molecules
This is found both in DNA and Rna.
The DNA backbone is a polymer with an alternating sugar-phosphate sequence. The deoxyribose sugars are joined at both the 3'-hydroxyl and 5'-hydroxyl groups to phosphate groups in
The sugar phosphate backbone is part of a DNA molecule. DNA is made up of smaller units/monomers called nucleotides. A single nucleotide consists of a phosphate molecule, a deoxyribose
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The backbone of DNA is made up of phosphates. The backbone also includes deoxyribose which is a sugar group. The DNA backbone is responsible for holding the nucleus ...
The backbone of a DNA molecule is made of two individual monomers. These are components of phosphate molecules and ribose sugars. The two of them are bound together ...
Two components make the backbone in DNA, being the deoxy-ribose and phosphate molecules. These molecules link together in a staggered pattern where the deoxy-ribose ...
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