Sulfur in Drinking Water?


Hydrogen sulfide can sometimes be found in drinking water. It is a colorless gas that is detected most commonly from its rotten-egg smell. If water contains sulfur and is being used for laundry or other forms of cleaning, it can lead to stains. High concentrations can cause nausea or illness, but there is rarely a high amount found in water to cause serious issues. Water should still be tested to be safe.
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Hydrogen sulfide occurs naturally and is the result of sulfur bacteria forming in water. The bacteria consumes the sulfur in decaying plants and soil and produces hydrogen sulfide
What is in your drinking water all depends on where you live. Most likely, there is flouride in the water. You can call your local sanitation district or water company to find out
Answer water with sulphur, its oxides or its compounds is called sulphourous water
Replace fruit drinks and sodas with filtered water. Water contains zero calories and no salt. Salt from soda, and especially sport drinks can cause your body to retain water and appear
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Drinking water can smell like sulfur if hydrogen sulfide gas is present. The water will smell or taste like rotten eggs. The gas occurs naturally in groundwater, ...
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