Sumatran Tiger Food Chain?


The Sumatran tiger's food chain puts them right at the top in the Sumatran rain forest. They have very few predatory enemies but are dangerous to other animals. The Sumatran tiger feasts mainly on other animals that include birds and wild boars. There are very few of these regal animals left because the rain forest is quickly disappearing and it is their natural habitat. A Sumatran tiger's stripes are like a human's fingerprints. There are no two alike.
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Nothing eats the tiger - that's why it's known as a "top predator" (also called "apex predator" "alpha predator" "superpredator" or "top-level
Tigers and panthers are equal on the food chain since they
Hi, Sayma The advantage of being a top predator is that you can feed on basically any other animal that lives in your ecosystem, and that you don´t have any natural enemies
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