Summary of Black Beauty by Anna Sewell?


'Black Beauty' is a classic novel written in the late 19th century. The book is by Anna Sewell and its main character is a horse named Black Beauty. It tells of his days as a colt and what happens after he grows up, such as when he has to pull cabs in the city.
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Black Beauty by Anna Sewell
Set in Victorian London, the novel follows the shifting fortunes of a horse as he moves from owner to owner. Narrated by the noble Black Beauty himself, the tale offers an animal’s perspective of the world...... More »
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black beauty is an autobiographical memoir told by a horse.the tale sweeps through Black beauty's life journey.
An "antagonist" is someone who offers opposition.
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ok the one owner, james, is gay and he is trying to find a partner by exploiting the horse however he doesn't and sells it. then the next owner overworks it and he keeps moving from
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Black Beauty is a book written by Anna Sewell. The summary of the book is all about Black Beauty's life. Black Beauty is a horse and the story is narrated by the ...
Black Beauty is a classic novel by the English writer, Anna Sewell. The book was published on November 24th, 1877. It is considered to be one of the best selling ...
Anna Sewell was an English novelist born on 20th March, 1820 and died in 1878. Anna is famously known to have published only one novel titled 'Black Beauty' which ...
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