Summary of by the Great Horn Spoon?


'By The Great Horn Spoon' is a children's novel first published in 1965. The book took place during the California Gold Rush. The characters are searching for gold after the main character Jack's aunt lost all of her money. A summary of the book would focus on their time as stowaways on a ship.
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It is about 2 stowaways. They are on a ship and the. captain. doesn't know. It is a fun little book suitable for everyone. They have adventures going down Cape Horn and beating The
Jack and the elegant butler, Praiseworthy, are forced to stow
by the great horn spoon. It was at one time a fairly common American oath or, at least, a way to make some statement sound emphatic. A horn spoon, of course, is just a spoon made
By The Great Horn Spoon! is
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