Summary of Moonlight by Guy De Maupassant?


The summary of 'Moonlight' by Guy de Maupassant is that a sister coming from vacation in Switzerland is stopping to visit her sister in Paris. Her husband has already gone home. The traveling sister's hair has white streaks at the temples and when pushed, tells her sister that she admits to having a lover. After describing how this occurred, her sister tells her that she fell in love with love and moonlight, not the young man.
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Madame Letore had gone to visit her sister Madame Roubere after vacationing with her husband. Roubere noticed that in her sister's jet-black hair, she had two white streaks at each
the theme of the short story moonlight according to me is divinity, search for human identity, humans basic desiers and the last thing that is lust. all these themes are avident in
A poor woman borrow a necklace for a ball. She loses
14 April 1982 (France)
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